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Looking for actors with their own ties and connections with the refugee experience.

SHANTI, She/her. 23 years old. Colombian.

An aspiring engineer searching for something beyond.  In 2016 with the peace deal she was let go from being a child soldier and escaped to the US. SHANTI is observant, smart, and a leader to the group. She is self-educated and has a strategic mind; she speaks passionately and confidently. SHANTI can be stubborn, and will not ask for help even if she needs it. 


SAMI, He/Him. 28 years old. Iranian. 

An expert in Artificial Intelligence with a skewed moral compass. He is constantly having an existential crisis and challenging the group’s morals.


VICTORIA, She/Her. 27 years old. Brazilian.

An inventive fashionista, embodying optimism through faith and spontaneous celebration. VICTORIA has been trying to get guardianship of her daughter, but because of legal issues, she has had a difficult time. She copes by dressing up and inventing different characters to entertain. She is the cheerleader of the group and will push them into remaining optimistic no matter what. She is criticized for not being down to earth or taking ownership of her choices.


ERKIN, They/Them. 25 years old. Chinese.

A neurodivergent comedian with a big heart and a tendency to lose control.  Forced to drop out of college,  he overstayed his visa and hasn’t declared asylum because  he believes that this would endanger his family. 


ADE, He/Him. 24 years old. American and Nigerian.

A filmmaker rewriting his own storyline. Works as a volunteer for the program. Nerdy, goes into tangents, shy.


Ware also looking for story consultants and musicians from: South Sudan, Brazil, Venezuela, Nigeria, Iran, China, Colombia & Syria.

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