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SHANTI, She/her. 23 years old. Colombian.

Mezzo-Soprano with a high belt. Former child soldier brings natural leadership and self-reliance to the group. Her quiet determination sometimes turns into stubbornness. She’s willing to go to great lengths for her goals, which for now, include getting the education she never got as a child and keeping a low profile. Behind her stoic, cautious exterior lies a wild and fiery intensity. She naturally takes on the role of protector and defender when things get rough. 

SAMI, He/Him. 28 years old. Iranian. 

Baritone. A lover of literature and philosophy. The kind of person who can stay up all night talking your head off with a bottle of wine. He grapples with past betrayals, challenges the group’s morals, and aims to convince them to leave the basement. His journey embodies self-discovery, justice, and personal redemption. He is a recently deceased member of the group and exists in a place not always seen by the characters. 


VICTORIA, She/Her. 30 years old. Brazilian.

 Alto. A fashion designer radiates optimism and creativity. Despite legal challenges regarding her daughter’s guardianship, she copes by “adopting” her friends, caring for them, and encouraging them to remain optimistic. While she can sometimes seem detached from reality, Victoria is a source of inspiration – refusing to let her friends dwell on the past and keeping them focused on their bright futures ahead.

ERKIN, They/Them. 21 years old. Chinese.

Tenor. Uses humor as their primary means of expression. They overstayed their visa, they grapple with finding purpose, and freedom of expression. They often hyperfocus and obsess to their detriment. Their unpredictability adds excitement, and sometimes chaos, to the group dynamics. Likely to develop behavioral or substance addiction for escapism or comfort. 

ADE, He/Him. 24 years old. American and Nigerian.

Baritenor. A volunteer who seeks to piece together his past and redefine his relationship with immigration. Raised in New York, he prioritizes his friends over his identity, balancing meticulous nature with a keen eye for detail. As a first-generation individual, he navigates the weight of upholding his family’s well-being while discovering and embracing his authentic self.


JASMINE, She/Her. 19-years-old. Venezuelan.

Mezzo-Soprano/Belter. Gen Z influencer raised in the US, dreams of abundance and financial success. A capitalist – through and through. She navigates the world with resourcefulness and sometimes conflates online and offline realities. Despite a history of abuse from her mother, Jasmine cherishes memories of her mother’s resilience, shaping her own outlook on life.


to aid in sonic and physical storytelling. Strong dance background encouraged. Ensemble roles with dialogue will be added – TBD.

Ware also looking for story consultants and musicians from: South Sudan, Brazil, Venezuela, Nigeria, Iran, China, Colombia & Syria.

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