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An immersive installation that activates all senses.

 Step into a realm where mixed realities blend, offering captivating face-to-face encounters and the ability to explore characters’ hometowns. With the power to manipulate time and space, you’ll be transported across different countries, intimately connecting with the lives of our characters prior to their arrival in the USA.



EXIST is a musical that follows the lives of five young adults from different countries (China, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Nigeria, and Iran) who are resisting deportation by residing in a church. Despite being in a situation designed to destroy them, they embark on a journey of self-reclamation as individuals and as a group. In the basement, they form a unique bond as they face the struggles of displacement. Together, they navigate a complex situation, finding strength and understanding in one another’s experiences.

As they  resist together, their lives intertwine and they adapt to a life where their dreams were left on hold.

Marina Montesanti
Director, Conceiver

Joe Mecca
Virtual Reality Creator

Marina Pires

Lyricist and Composer